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Extended Tryouts:

We officially began forming our club teams for the upcoming 2012-13 season last Saturday, November 3rd.  Most of our teams are now full with confirmed rosters.  However, we do have a couple of teams with 1-2 spaces available.  Our 15s and 16s Power teams each have one position available.  Our 12s and 13s have at least one Area position available amongst our three teams in each division. We are also looking for the possibility of adding one more 13 Power player and 16 Hybrid team.

It is important that you reach out to either our Club Director, Brian Thomason; or the coaching staff for the team of interest as soon as you can in order to confirm space is still available and increase the odds of making the team. 

As long as a roster postion remains available we will conduct the following tryout schedule this weekend:

Friday, November 9th

Brewer Island Elementary Gym

1151 Polynesia Drive, Foster City:


5:00 PM-6:00 PM

11s Development

12s Area & Power

13s Area & Power

6:00-7:00 PM

15s Power

16s Power

16s Hybrid

*There will be a mandatory presentation for parents and players to begin each tryout session that should last no more than about 5 minutes.

Saturday, November 10th

Peninsula Jewish Community Center (PJCC)

800 Foster City Blvd, Foster City:

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

11s Development

12s Area & Power

13s Area & Power



1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

15s Power

16s Power

16s Hybrid

There is no preregistration for these extended tryout sessions.  There is no charge for the tryouts. 



Each participant must have proof of their NCVA membership when checking in for tryouts.  The new season for NCVA begins November 1st.  You can register for the first time for your NCVA membership by following this link, the fee is $60:

You can renew your NCVA membership, for those participants that played club last season, by clicking on the following link, the fee is $60:

This year the NCVA also has created the option of paying for a Tryout Pass for $15.  This will serve as a temporary NCVA membership and cover each participant for all tryouts.  It will not be transferable to a season membership!  If the participant makes a team they will then have to pay the full $60 fee to participate with their new team. Follow the link provided and choose Tryout Pass for $15:


Here are the age definitions for the upcoming 2012-13 season:

17s: born on or after 9/1/95

16s: born on or after 9/1/96

15s: born on or after 9/1/97

14s: born on or after 9/1/98

13s: born on or after 9/1/99

12s: born on or after 9/1/00

11s: born on or after 9/1/01

Players are not eligible to play in an age division below the defined age group unless they receive a league waiver.  League waivers apply only to Area teams and are not applicable to national events like the Far Western Regional Qualifier in Reno.

Boys are eligible to compete in the NCVA Girl's Volleyball Area League.  However, they must receive a waiver and participate in an age division two years older than as defined by the NCVA for girls.

Participants do not have to attend more than one tryout session unless it is in their best interest to do so.  If a participant arrives to tryout for an age group other than indicated on their registration please notify the check in desk and the coaching staff.

2012-13 Teams:

We are anticipating a large turnout this year for tryouts.  We expect to have at least twelve teams competing this season for our club.  We do have the facility availability and the coaching staff necessary to expand our number of teams based on the demand of tryouts for certain age divisions.  For example, we are currently planning on having two 12s teams, one Area League participant and one Power League participant.  If there is enough interest and talent we will begin forming a third team during the tryout process.

Verbal Offer:

During tryouts we will make verbal offers to the participants that we would like to add to our roster for a particular team.  We do not take these vebal offers lightly.  This is our word that you will be guarenteed a position on this team as long as we have the required minimum number of playres.  In return, upon agreement, we would like the participant to honor their word and make the commitment to be a member of the team.  The verbal agreement will be put in writing with the Letter of Commitment NCVA document on Signing Night, November 12th, between 6 PM and 8 PM.

Signing Night:

On November 12th we will host Signing Night, an anual event that is our kickoff celebration to the upcoming season.  The event is held between 6 PM and 8 PM.  We will host this event at the Pacific Sports Resort in Redwood City (200 Redwood Shores Pkwy).  We will provide a limited amount of food and drink for your enjoyment.  Each team will have their own table with coaches and parents available to assist you with the necessary paperwork, uniform sizing, and payment to get your start to the 2012-13 season with ELITE Volleyball Club official.

Hope to see you there!

2012-2013 Club Season Forecast:

We are very excited about our upcoming club season!  We will have at least eleven teams this season with teams available in every competitive age group from 12 and under to the 17 and under division.  We will continue our approach using our, "Volleyball Training Academy."  This is a system that we have put in place to accomplish the goal of continuity.  We want to have a signature presence to our club teams.  When people watch our teams they will see many similarities spanning from sound technical performance to the small details of how our teams approach sportsmanship and celebration.  Bottom line, you will see teams that have sound technique; work hard; celebrate; respect opponents; and have fun!


Please read through our FAQs on the tab link above.  If you have any additional questions contact us via phone, or e-mail (888-616-6349;


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