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Contact us if you are a player still looking for a team as we only have a few spaces open on our teams.  Some teams are full.  Congratulations to those already on board!







Phone: (888) 616-6349

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The PDF documents linked below provide general information about the teams that we will be holding tryouts for on November 7th and 8th.  This includes schedules; coaching assignments; and pricing.



2015-16 Season Overview

We are excited about our upcoming 2015-16 season!  We will be returning to our home in Foster City full time this season.  We are currently looking to host 9-11 teams at the Peninsula Jewish Community Center (PJCC).  The PJCC is the best gym in the area!  We have a spacious gym with enough room to work on jump serving.  Parents can watch from the bleachers and use the free Wi-Fi available during practice sessions if they like.  Or get a membership...and workout!  We have security at the front desk at all times and a convenient pick-up and drop-off loop.  I have never coached at a nicer facility.  This will be our tenth season dating back to 2007.  Our club will place an emphasis this season on the following: Technique (for all of the primary skills of the sport, including floor defense; Effort; and life's lessons to be learned with club volleyball.  We have been a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance these past four years and we will continue to embrace these standards and translate them into our coaching styles and our club clinics, for players, coaches, and parents.  We are sponsored by NIKE for the fourth year and things are looking very good as each player will have two sets of digitally screened (sublimated) jerseys; a high quality NIKE computer backpack; three sets of T-Shirts, including a special pink club shirt with everyone's name on it; a high-quality performance warm-up long sleeve with a 1/2 zip for easy-on and off; and SHOES!  Each player will either receive a pair of Hyperspike shoes, or receive a huge discount.  As usual, we will also distribute high quality NIKE game shorts with our logo as well as a personalized water bottle with club name and team name along with player's name and jersey number.

Our Power teams will be practicing two days each week with some optional practices and clinics available throughout the season.  We will not be competing in the Bay View Classic this year.  Instead our teams will finish up a bit early.  Premier teams finish on May 15th and Power teams finish on May 8th.  Premier teams will be competing in the Spring Classic this year and Power teams will be heading to Colorado for Crossroads!  Even with the addition of a second qualifier the fees for Power have decreased by $400 this season!  Premier teams will remain the same despite the second jersey and the fact that both jerseys are digitially screened.  We will also have 2-3 coaches on each court for practices in order to maximize the learning experiences.  We are currently finalizing our schedule in order to bring in TRX TRAINING.  This training will come with an additional fee for those who wish to register.  The days, times, are pricing are not yet solidified.  Training with the TRX is, by far, the best way to take your game to the highest level by increasing overall strength, power, core specific training, balance, and flexibility.

ELITE Volleyball Club originated Foster City, California, offers an array of services related primarily to girl's junior volleyball, ages 7-17. Committed to education and success, we desire to see our participants succeed both academically and athletically. We are centrally located on the peninsula of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Most of our practices and clinics are hosted in Foster City, primarily at the Peninsula Jewish Community Center (800 Foster City Blvd).  We are entering our tenth year!  The primary basis of our club program is to support the development of volleyball on the peninsula.  We will host tryouts for junior club volleyball teams, ages 7-17, on November 7th and 8th.  These teams begin practicing as early as mid-November with competitive tournament play 2-5 weekend/holiday days each month from January through the end of May, with some teams extending their season into the early part of July for Junior Nationals. 


Girl playing volleyball, Girls Junior Volleyball in Foster City, CA
























Our mission is to produce an enjoyable experience in the sport of volleyball by developing players that are technically sound and tactically progressive in an environment where everyone is valued for their contributions.

Our motto..."NOTHING LESS."
Like the greatest coach of all time, John Wooden, used to say, "the focus should be on the effort performed by the staff and by the players, not on winning."  Our club philosophy shares Mr. Wooden's perspective, in that, "Nothing less than the very best effort is expected from our staff and from our players."  We do not focus directly on winning and mistakes.  Instead, we focus on coaching education and player development.  Another relatable quote, "Don't stive to be better than others, instead strive to be your best self." As a result, oddly enough, we have a very successful program. We are the ELITE!




Premier teams compete under our ELITE Volleyball Club subdivision of ELITE Volleyball Club.  Premier teams will practice twice a week for two hours and compete in the Premier League of the Northern California Volleyball Association (NCVA).  Typically these teams do not have to travel more than approximately an hour and a half to get to their league tournament sites.  Premier teams will typically compete directly here on the peninsula, in San Francisco, or cities like: Salinas; Santa Cruz; or Pleasant Hill.  The farthest travel for Premier League teams is typicallly their League Championships that are hosted in Sacramento for a two-day tournament in May.  Premier teams will practice twice a week during the months of January through May.  Premier teams will have one practice in November and three practices in December.  Most Premier teams will also participate in a few invitational tournaments, although these will vary depending upon the specific team: California Classic in January; President's Day in February; Far Western's in Reno; and the Bay View Classic in May.




Power teams tend to have athletes that are more competitive and tend to be more experienced with club volleyball.  Power teams fall under our FOSTER CITY ELITE subdivision of ELITE Volleyball Club.  These teams will practice 2-3 times each week for two hours.  Most of these teams will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 5 PM.  Power teams will begin their full practice schedule the week of November 16th.  If you participate on a Power team you need to be prepared to travel.  Invitationals, League Qualifiers, and League Championships are posted ahead of time.  The three individual league tournaments can be posted within just a few days of the tournament; and can be as far away as Clovis or Lake Tahoe.  Power teams compete in the Power League of the NCVA.  There is a Power League Qualifier that will break the teams into divisions of twelve teams with similar ability.  With each of the three league tournaments the top three teams will move up a division while the bottom three teams will move down a division.  The top three divisions of the league are GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE.  They are then alpha-catogorized with the next division, A-qua, then B-lue, and so on.  Because the competition is against teams of similar ability and every match has a consequence on your team's standing, and overall points, each match is much more intense than can be found in a Premier league tournament.  Power teams will participate in at least two Regional National Qualifiers.  The NCVA hosts the Far Western Qualifier in Reno, Nevada.  Power teams are required to participate in this tournament while Area teams are encouraged to do so. 



Hybrid teams are set up in order to allow players to compete on club volleyball teams without the extensive schedule that comes with our Premier and Power teams.  Hybrid teams will typically practice just once a week and have a limited tournament schedule. 



We make every effort to provide the most sound and efficient approach to training our participants the skills for the sport of volleyball.  From our Tikes Youth Program for ages 7 and up to our girls in their final year of high school, we want our training approach to each skill to be the same from one coach to another, from one team to the next.  Our Volleyball Training Academy is the backbone of our club teams as well as our coaching certification program and our clinic offerrings. 


If you have additional questions, comments, or concerns that you would like to address to our Club Director, Brian Thomason, please feel free to contact us directly:

(888) 616-6349


Thanks for your interest in ELITE Volleyball Club!



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